Eli’s reviews SWim-WiSe iPhone app

Eli uses swim wise for six months already – he was among our first subscribersEli, 32 years old, he swims for four years already.His preferred swimming style is breaststroke.He remembers his first steps in the pool.No matter which style I swim in – the SWim-WiSe iPhone app brings me endless insights and points out my swimming improvements.

How I improved my SWimming DPS using SWim-Wise.app?

The days of counting strokes on every lap you SWim to keep track of your distance per stroke (or short DPS) are over. With the SWim-Wise.app you can now easily keep track of your DPS while SWimming freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly without having to count strokes anymore. What DPS is all about and how SWim-Wise.app helps you improve your … Read More