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Make the relationship between your swimming Technique, Speed And determination crystal clear. swim-wise track your swimming speed

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SWim grab your swimming medals

swim score metrics SWimming Score Metrics With our patent-pending SSM™ you can understand your SWimming session practice improvement at a glance.
medals and badges Achievements Badges Get rewards after each SWimming. Grab Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze badges upon your efforts and new records
In-depth style analysis SWimming Style Analysis Explore all detailed insights for each of style SWum
Laps breakdown Laps Breakdown Explore your every lap

Speed | Stokes |SWOLF
explore your swimming improvements trends Improvements Trends Explore your SWimming records and improvement trends on Determination, Speed and Technique scopes
Each new record is detailed analyzed and get encouraging messages Encouraging messages Each new record is detailed analyzed and delivered with encouraging messages

Be sure you’re on the right path while swimming:

Apple watch detects your style and precisely tracks every stroke while you swim.
Our sophisticated app records your swimming data.

After each turn detected Apple Watch will tap you and display average speeds compared with your last 4 laps.


Insights you want.Inspiration you need. delivered to your wrist

SWimWiSe app for apple watch Our Apple Watch App SWim-WiSe app for Apple watch displays Time, Distance, Heart Rate and Laps counter
swim wise apple watch bars TrackBar Analyser Apple Watch will send a Haptic Feedback and will display your last 4 laps speed compared with previos results - after each new lap